Preston Howard Garvey (born 19th March 2263 - 12th December 2306), was the Vice-General of the Commonwealth Minutemen, historian scriber of the New Library of Congress and partner of the first President of the collision government of the UCC.

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Born in Acton Massachusetts, in the Commonwealth Wastelands, to unknown parents, was an orphaned at a young age. Nothing is known in regards to his lineage and ancestry. But it is suggested that he is of African-American decent with perhaps due to his surname, Irish ancestry, possibly from the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Preston met the Minutemen from....

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Ariel Gardner Edit

Preston met Ariel when the Minutemen were nearing to an end with decreasing numbers of members, to single digits. However through the joint effort of Garvey and Gardner, the Minutemen became one of the most prominent historical groups in the Commonwealth, such as the destruction of the Institute in 2287.

Preston Garvey eventually embarked on a romantic relationship with Ariel Gardner and the couple had a child, Olivia Sarah Garvey in 2292.

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