Olivia Sarah Garvey (born 16th February 2292 - 19th August 2327) was a Paladin-Knight field scout for the Brotherhood of Steel and conduit councillor for the UCC in representation to the Brotherhood of Steel and daughter of the legendary founding President of the UCC, Elder of the Brotherhood and General of the Commonwealth Minutemen; Ariel Gardner.

History Edit

Olivia was born in the Castle, the stronghold of the Commonwealth Minutemen to Elder of the Brotherhood and General of the Minutemen, Ariel Gardner and Lieutenant of the Commonwealth Minutemen, Preston Garvey. Olivia's maternal grandparents were pre-Great War civilians of Irish, Canadian-American and Hungarian decent and her paternal ancestry is of African-American decent.

Olivia at a young age held her parents as significant role models for her childhood to which motivated her to become a squire of the Brotherhood of Steel, eventually earning her the rank of Paladin-Knight.

She was eventually killed in action in a final stand against the Enclave in the Midwest Commonwealth, ultimately, the Brotherhood secured the territory and united a nationstate with the UCC as it's governmental precursor.

Personality Edit

Paladin Garvey has been described by the Brotherhood of Steel official records as a devote sister of the Brotherhood, loyal enough to challenge her mother in regards to the Brotherhood of Steel in UCC affairs. She believed that the Commonwealth was the future for a new nationstate under the UCC control, but cautious enough not to assume sovereignty over the nation's territories, when observing the Enclave's ideology.

Relationships Edit

Paladin Garvey had a great relationship with both her father and mother alike. She held great admiration for her mother's dutiful past work and her father's continuous humanity through the unforgiving wastelands of America. Throughout her Paladin missions, she helped any person that asks for it. She has had reports in her public and personal logs (recounted by her sister) of undertaking a relationship with the leader of a caravan group called the, "Kingston Traders", called Dallas Twins. Although unverified, there are reports of her having a child before her death with Dallas, as the campaign was for more than 14 months. Furthermore to this dubious report, there are debates wether if Dallas was even a man at all.

The possible child or even sometimes children claimed have been the "Blood Sisters" of Mill Hill in Acton, Massachusetts, "Harriette" of New Philadelphia or even ridiculously, "Deum-deum the Dingo-man".

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