Mary Nathaniel Arthur Garvey (born 26th October 2297 - 2nd December 2381) was the Senior Archivist at the Railroad headquarters of the UCC and second daughter of the legendary, Ariel Gardner and Preston Garvey as well as sister of Paladin-Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel, Olivia Garvey.

History Edit

Mary Garvey was born during a period of intellectual enlightenment, the slow and gradual process of attaining civilisation through the Commonwealth. At a young age, Mary Garvey demonstrated a high-level of curiosity and intelligence. She was an avid learner of robotic-science and engineering, eventually joining Desdemona in her later years to continue the preservation of Synthetic rights throughout the country.

She eventually married Brotherhood of Steel Scholar, Zach Emitter, a tall pale man, said to be of Asian decent, and gave birth to three children Aiden (2324), Joshua Alexander (2327) and Ariel Emitter (2332). Even though a boy, Mary gave the name Ariel, as his name, out of respect and family tradition to naming a descend in a generation, "Ariel", soon after reaching adulthood, Ariel Emitter adopts his grandmother's surname, Nemeth, starting the Nemeth lineage rooted in Sanctuary Hills, her ancestral home.

Ariel Emitter Nemeth Edit

Ariel Emitter was born in 2333 in a stable civilised Commonwealth, wary of the mistakes of the past United States of America. Although ever cautious of the dangers of nuclear power and the consumption led world of the past, he believed deeply in his family and tribal traditions, he adopted the native Americans traditional animalism as a spiritual rite to passage as leader of his clan, at the time, his clan was only 4 other people whom were childhood friends of his and continued to be as adults. Ariel like his grandmother envisioned a world in which the government would never oppress the people. A tall and butch man, he developed at a young age and was subjected to bullying due to his perceived adult size which made him sensitive and empathetic to the weak and defenceless.

As the leader of the Nemethine clan, he wore a wolf-skin as a mantle and his ancestor's vault-style jumpsuit from Vault 111. 111 was perceived as a gracious number, one with responsibility and hardship but rightfulness sowed in. Eventually after generations the given Ariel name was to be cast onto a single person in the Nemeth lineage, forever seen as a leader.

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