Elder Arthur Maxson was the leader of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel around the events of The Synth National Question. As Elder and Supreme Commander, there are no higher ranking individuals than himself.


Arthur Maxson

Arthur Maxson at 10 years old in The Citadel, Capital Wastelands.

Arthur was born as a member of the Maxson founding family of the Brotherhood of Steel. His father, a Paladin, was killed in action in the Californian Mohave Wastelands.

He was eventually adopted as a scribe for Elder Lyon in the Eastern Front in the Capital Wastelands.


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Ariel Gardner Edit

Arthur first met Ariel as an Elder leader on the Capital Deck of the Prydwen when declaring the Institute and all Synths a threat to the Brotherhood and all of humanity, transcending the dangers of that of the atom (eluding to the apocalyptic causation nuclear technology has caused on humanity). Ariel held reservations for Elder Maxson, which was mutual for a time, but due to Paladin Danse's vouch and details of her abilities on the ground and for her continuation of being affiliated with the Brotherhood, Maxson bestowed an emergence Knighthood on her; effectively making her a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel at first encounter.

Over the course of time, Elder Maxson came to respect Knight Gardner, noticing her abilities of taking care of highly hazardous missions and calm demeanour under pressure. When uncovering her past as a Vault-Dweller in Vault 111, he came to realise the importance of her being around, recalling back to the heroic actions of the Lone Wander in the Capital Wastelands, whom had purified the radiated water for all.

The Commonwealth Minutemen Edit

There were little interactions between the Minutemen and the Brotherhood of Steel, especially Elder Maxson, but there are records revealing that he held a suspicion to their growing military powers through the Commonwealth and much more so after learning that Knight Gardner had become the General of the militia. He felt a need of induction to the ethos of the Brotherhood was needed for the Knight General, reminding her and indirectly the Minutemen that ultimately the Brotherhood holds the mantel of responsibility of guarding humanity throughout the wastelands.

The Railroad Edit

Elder Maxson regarded the railroad as, "misguided wastelanders" who had grown delusional from distinguishing a person from a robot. He felt they were a threat the Brotherhood of Steel would eventually would have to deal with after the conquest of the Institute and eradication of all Synths.

Paladin Danse Edit

Paladin Danse according to Elder Maxson was a prestigious high ranking officer of the Brotherhood of Steel, with a top scoring record of kills, retrievals of VIPs and discipline. But after uncovering his origins as a Synth, Elder Maxson ordered his protege, Knight Gardner to hunt him down and execute him. Doubting her abilities of pulling the trigger, he followed her to a disclosed hideout base Paladin Danse was in. The confrontation between the three led him to spare Paladin Danse in order to preserve Knight Gardner's loyalty and promote her to Paladin status to ensure her focus to the cause of ridding the wasteland of such abominations.

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